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Welcome to Bhakti Temple

Where inspiration and devotion meet to create transformation!


"My husband and I met with Kali during our recent visit to San Francisco. This was our first time meeting with a Tantric practitioner. From my initial phone conversation with Kali, I felt extremely comfortable. When we arrived, she made my husband and I feel completely welcome and comfortable. Kali's hands are truly magical, her gaze is phenomenal, and she is sexy. Since our session with her, our intimate time is even more erotic than before. We have talked about our session with her numerous times and will definitely see her again. Highly recommended!"


"Gratitude: I suspect that sometimes the longer the compliment, the less sincere the feelings within in it. With that thought in mind let me simply say -- Wow! And...Thank you."


"If you are looking for a goddess that provides divine inspiration during your very first session, schedule time with Kali Devi.

Kali's eyes sparkle, her smile is warm and welcoming and her knowledge of the Tantric arts is unsurpassed. Kali will put you

at ease quickly and engage you in interesting and insightful conversation. She will open both your mind and your heart with

her keen observations while pampering you with her sensuous touch and healing techniques. While there are many beautiful

and inspiring sites to see in the world, none of them will provide you with the exotic and transformational energy that you will receive from time with Kali."

~The Traveller III

"In life, one may encounter someone who has the knowledge, sensitivity, and expertise to navigate the passage of change. A guide, who has the ability to explore on physical and metaphysical levels, all the while creating a safe and nurturing environment, is a rarity indeed. Kali is that person."


We cannot thank you enough for a mind-opening evening. Working with you was one of the most sacred sexual experiences that we have experienced as a couple. It taught us how we can specifically service each other. It taught us to move more slowly and to be vocal with each other. It taught us that sex, within a couple, can be especially sacred when there is a body-to-body give-and-take. I wholeheartedly believe our approach to ourselves, to our bodies, and to each others needs will have shifted. Marlena already bought some rope;)

So thank you a million times over for showing us what sex and particularly non-penetrative sex can be and we look forward to being with you again.

With warmth and gratitude,

~Anthony and Marlena

I specialize in Los Angeles Tantric Massage, Full Body Sensual Massage, and Bondassage.