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Welcome to Bhakti Temple

Where inspiration and devotion meet to create transformation!

Couples Coaching

Working with couples is a unique and wonderful experience. It requires that each lover be present, willing and not participating simply to feed the ego and desires of the other partner. Prior to our session, I will speak to both parties, to be clear on intentions, desires and concerns.

My skill is in facilitation of Divine energy and acting as a catalyst for higher states of awareness between partners. I do this by guidance through exercises such as eye gazing, gentle breathing practices, partner yoga, and massage techniques/instruction.

Learn how to be the Sacred Intimate/Healer in your relationship.

I can instruct you in the art of sensual massage, energy movement, communication, and creating a conscious container for healing. Working this way with your partner is a wonderful way to expand in your realtionship.

Please understand that I do not provide surrogacy and I do not engage in activity that is solely for the pleasure of one partner over the other. 

There is a two hour minimum.

Sensual Massage~$300/hr

Neo~ Tantra~$350/hrm


If you would simply like to be present while your partner receives a session, the same rates still apply, as I charge a $100 voyeur fee per hour.

I specialize in Los Angeles Tantric Massage, Full Body Sensual Massage, and Bondassage.